International Chess Club

  • We offer a wide range of chess courses and activities for all ages: interactive online chess training, chess classes in schools, kindergarten, corporate chess as well as organizing competition and other events, online and over the board.

  • We were founded in September 2019 out of a passion for CHESS and we are a young and energetic team of certified coaches, with experience in working with children, with the mission to promote the benefits of practicing chess on the harmonious development of children.

  • We have the most modern media tools and techniques for teaching chess and we continuously invest in innovation and development. Join our club and you will discover how pleasant the experience of playing chess with professional coaches is!

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Why International Chess Club?

  • United by their passion for chess , our coaches discovered the sport of the mind in childhood and since then they are inseparable!

  • Our team has over 12 years of experience working with children.

  • Our coaches are professionals , certified in chess, with impressive results obtained at national and international competitions , culminating with three medals at the World Catdet Chess Championships.

  • We have modern techniques for teaching chess and we continuously invest in innovation and development.

  • We are waiting for you to collaborate in a friendly atmosphere , with positive energy and fun to play and chess !

What do studies say about practicing chess?

Chess is the sport of the mind, and the brain is the most active part of the body during a game of chess. Studies show that practicing chess over time leads to the development of intelligence and increased IQ.
Chess teaches you to think logically, to develop strategies and to improve your memory. The brain functions like a muscle and needs constant exercise to keep it healthy.

Chess helps to improve school performance by making quick and accurate decisions under the pressure of limited time.
Chess helps to improve reading, memory, language and math skills. Studies show that students who practice chess have managed to get better results in school exams.

Chess is the best way to practice logical and critical thinking. For a child, chess means more than a game, it means arranging ideas, creating a plan, forming reasoned thinking and making choices.
Chess demonstrates the importance of drawing up a plan, concentrating, and showing the consequences of decisions made.

During the game of chess each player must pay attention to the opponent’s moves, paying attention to each piece and detail. Chess develops the power of concentration, patience and memory.

Chess helps a child develop his imagination as he learns the game and discovers new positions and possible combinations.
Chess gives clarity to thinking and encourages creative thinking. A chess player learns to see creative ways and discovers strategies on the chessboard.

Chess develops the spirit of independence, forcing the player to make decisions based only on his own reasoning. Chess helps children to become independent, to make decisions and to have a positive, winning attitude.
During the game of chess each player creates a plan, develops strategies and follows certain rules. Children gain confidence in their own strengths when they discover what wonderful things they can build with the power of their minds.

Chess stimulates the spirit of competition, team and fair play. Children learn, whether they lose or win a game of chess.
Chess competitions teach children what discipline, responsibility, fair play mean and help them become more competitive and persevering. At the same time, the children understand that the experience will help them in the future, and the previous effort brings results and satisfactions.
Chess is fun and is a form of socialization, favoring the integration of children in a team.

Chess teaches you to think logically and efficiently and helps you make the best choice from a large number of options. Thanks to chess, children learn to make the “best” choice from a large number of options under the pressure of time.


Experiences are shared together!

Recomand cu mare drag! Fetita mea este foarte incantata si abia asteapta fiecare urmatoare sedinta!

Andreea Papuc

Copilul meu are 4 ani si jumatate si ma uimește cat de usor retine regulile si abia asteapta sa aiba controlul pe mouse sa mute el piesele pe tabla de sah. Si are si prieteni noi!

Mihaela Roman

Foarte profesionisti, recomand cu caldura!

Tiberiu Georgescu
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