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The only way to achieve wonderful things is to love what you do.
We love CHESS!

Learn chess from Professionals!

A good coach helps you get where you could not go alone and becomes a source of inspiration and motivation for children. Our team of coaches aims to provide support and confidence to each child, helping them to develop their strength of concentration, memory, creative and strategic thinking, encouraging decision-making and increasing self-confidence. We are a young and energetic team of certified coaches, with experience in working with children and we love CHESS.

Bogdan Gârbea


FIDE Trainer & FIDE Arbiter

Multiple time National Medalist, coach with international experience of over 12 years, with impressive results obtained by his students at international competitions, culminating with 3 medals at the World Cadets Chess Championships.

Alin Gârbea

Executive  Director

Chess coach for children with over 12 years of experience in kindergartens and chess clubs.

Iulia-Daniela Gârbea

Co-Founder & Business Analyst

In business, as in chess, it all starts with a plan and a strategy. With over 9 years of experience in the financial field, Iulia is responsible for the financial figures & business analysis.

Our mission

The harmonious education and development of children through chess.

Our vision

We want to promote the benefits of chess on developing intelligence of children, to become the first choice among parents and educators and to inspire children the passion, joy and satisfaction for chess.